Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SIS Teacher Tip of the Week: Organizing your data columns in order of priority

Mock data from our SIS testing site 
There is a way to set the secondary (and tertiary) order in which columns of data are organized. In other words, when looking at a chart in Aspen, you can obviously organize it by the column you click. But it remembers the last 3 columns you chose to organize by. So for example, if you click gender, then student number, then name, it will order it first by name, then by number, then by gender, in that order of priority. This becomes useful when pulling reports that you want to be organized in specific ways, like if I wanted students organized by homeroom teacher, but also wanted them in alphabetical order within the homeroom list.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to create a Family Portal account (VIDEO)

The BPS Family Portal is a Web-based Student Information System (SIS), where parents can access their child’s attendance, grades, and other relevant school information such as announcements and calendars. Parents can also communicate with teachers and sign up for email notifications for attendance and grade changes.

To create their login account parents need to receive a letter with their personal security code from their child's school. The following video shows how to create an account on the Family Portal.

Visit the Family Portal help page for more tutorials.

Friday, March 21, 2014

BPS delivers 10,000 Chromebook laptops to schools

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and BPS CIO Mark Racine celebrate the initial delivery of Chromebooks with Mildred students and staff.

Ten thousand Chromebooks are arriving for students in the Boston Public Schools this spring. Mayor Martin J. Walsh and Interim Superintendent John McDonough announced the program at the Mildred Avenue K-8 School, where some students became familiar with the low-cost laptops that allow easy access to the internet and Google applications.

“This is the kind of investment that will pay long-term dividends,” said Mayor Walsh. “By providing low-cost computers to our students from elementary to high school, we are preparing them for the future. Watching students this morning at the Mildred, I witnessed the learning potential these laptops hold."

Walsh celebrated with Mildred students and staff the initial delivery of Chromebooks. By the end of April, the district expects to receive a total of 10,000 Chromebooks, a ratio of one laptop for every six students, providing increased computer access for virtually every class in every school. The devices use a simplified operating system that is similar to an internet browser, allowing more students to get online and increase their web research and typing skills. [Read more]

Video: Chromebooks Are Here!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Navigating the BPS Family Portal (Video)

The Boston Public Schools' Family Portal provide parents with direct, secure access to their child's grades, attendance, and class information using any Internet-connected device. The video below offers a short overview of how parents can navigate the portal.

Video created by Tech Goes Home

Visit the Family Portal help page for more tutorials on how to use and take advantage of this rich information system for families, students and educators.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

New Celtics lab unveiled at Mario Umana Academy

Celtics’ power forward Jared Sullinger and mascot Lucky visited the Mario Umana Academy in East Boston on Thursday, February 27th, to unveil the school’s new technology lab.

The lab was donated by the Boston Celtics and Southern New Hampshire University and built during the February vacation.